• The Criminal Defence Lawyer Mr. Andreas Vassiliou, Member of the Athens Bar Association, in 1998 he founded the Law Office "Andreas P. Vassiliou & Associates".Since then, he takes over and carries with great success particularly serious criminal cases, mainly felonies, homicides, injuries, seduction and indecent assault against minors, child pornography cases, cases of electronic crime, forgery, financial and tax in general crimes, thefts, robberies, extortion, fraud, drug cases, military criminal law matters and military crimes, crimes related to banking, insurance, securities and tax law, defamation and verbal abuse.
  • The specialization, long involvement in the field of criminal law, the absolute knowledge of the subject, guarantee the high quality of services offered. Mr. Vassiliou is near you from the first stage of any criminal proceeding, at any stage and by the end of this.
  • We advise and inform you of any necessary action to defend your rights and your interests. 

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